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Pierre Jabbour

Pierre Jabbour

Educational Background and Certifications

Pierre Jabbour has a distinguished background in military and security studies. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Military Science, which forms the foundation of his expertise in this field. Further enhancing his credentials, he has received specialized certifications from the Diplomatic Security Office in the United States, focusing on Counter-Terrorism and VIP Security. His proficiency is also backed by certification in Special Counter-Terrorism Tactics from the European Security Institute in Poland.

Research and Lecturing

Jabbour has established himself as a researcher in security and military affairs, delving into the complexities of these subjects with a keen analytical eye. His knowledge extends beyond academia, as he actively engages in lecturing, particularly in the field of counter-terrorism. He is known for his contributions to educating NGOs and retired officers of the American army in the United States, indicating his international reach and recognition in this domain.

Literary Contributions

As an author, Jabbour has made significant contributions to military literature. His bibliographic repertoire includes two notable books: “On the Road of Resistance,” written in Arabic, and “Burden of Trust” in English. These works, along with his numerous studies, have been published in Lebanon and internationally, reflecting the wide resonance and applicability of his expertise in military and security matters.