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Diana Fakhoury

Diana Fakhoury

Professional Profile

Diana Fakhoury is currently positioned as the Programs Director at Voice of Beirut International (SBI), where her role encompasses both executive and creative aspects in Beirut. Her expertise spans across various facets of media production, including program producing and presenting, which has been showcased on several notable platforms.

Media Career and Roles

Fakhoury’s extensive experience in media includes her contributions as a Program Presenter, Preparer, and News Anchor at MTV Lebanon. Her versatility is further demonstrated through her work with the Emirati channel Al Aan TV, where she served as a Program Presenter and Preparer. Earlier in her career, she headed the Social Page at Al Liwaa Newspaper in 2005 and worked as a News Correspondent for Future TV.

Career Milestones

Since initiating her career in 2003, Fakhoury has made significant strides in production. She has been the driving force as an Executive Producer for all programs under the Voice of Beirut International platform. The impact of her work has been felt across multiple channels, including MTV, Rotana, and the currently affiliated LBCI screen.

Program Development and Presentation

Fakhoury’s creative input is evident in her work writing and supervising the program “Album Hayati,” which aired on MTV, where she also took on the presenter role. Her talent in program development is also showcased in the writing, supervision, and presentation of “Noon” on the Al Aan screen, as well as in her own show “With Diana” on the VBI platform. Her expertise extends to writing, supervising, and presenting special social and political episodes, including political interviews on MTV.

Recognition and Awards

In acknowledgment of her dedication and influence in the media industry, Diana Fakhoury has received numerous accolades and has been honored with various awards by several associations, a testament to her professionalism and impact within the field.