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MTV Lebanon proudly introduces its TV Presenting Academy, a platform tailor-made for anyone harboring the potential of becoming a television personality. 

The MTV Academy is not merely about discovering oneself; it’s an invitation to harness confidence and exude charisma in front of the lens. Our program guarantees that by the end, you’ll be able to host a TV show with the flair and expertise of industry professionals.

Beyond the spotlight, our training delves deep into the mechanics and nuances of presenting. Participants will be equipped to:

  • Become assertive, confident TV presenters.
  • Handle TV studio equipment with surety.
  • Engage the camera conversationally, forging a genuine connection with the audience.
  • Triumph over performance anxieties.
  • Understand the iterative process of refining presenting skills and techniques, paving the way for showcasing genuine individuality.
  • Acquire the acumen and technical prowess to craft premium content.

The art of presenting is multifaceted, and our training reflects that. Be it introducing shows, reporting momentous events, anchoring news segments, interacting with live audiences, or conducting interviews – we cover the spectrum. Our curriculum is designed to mold novices and seasoned professionals alike. Whether you’re eyeing a career change, seeking to amplify your skillset, or aspiring to elevate your industry credentials, our courses are tailored for you.

Training at MTV Academy is an immersive experience. Spanning five weeks, participants will be welcomed into the iconic MTV Lebanon Studios. Each session culminates in the awarding of a certificate, bearing the esteemed MTV Lebanon seal. These aren’t just classes but masterclasses, led by the crème de la crème of the industry – renowned TV hosts, adept producers, imaginative content creators, and visionary directors.

Our dedication to quality is evident in the course’s structure: a comprehensive 40-hour syllabus spread over five weeks, with classes held twice a week. Set within the state-of-the-art MTV/Studiovision establishments, we invite you to embark on this transformative journey to become a consummate TV host.

Our Classes

  • Styling 
  • Beauty  
  • Body language  
  • Language
  • Vocal delivery
  • Art of talking to the camera
  • Content creation 
  • Initiation to Production
  • Program design  
  • Public Speaking 
  • Etiquette and communication

Crafting TV Excellence

Rania Ziade Ashkar
Founder & Managing Director

Mastering the Art of Solo TV Presentation: My Journey of Self-Learning

In an era dominated by screen charisma and engaging content, the road to becoming a proficient TV presenter and interviewer often seems paved with formal education and structured guidance. The path to becoming one might seem elusive. However, my personal journey stands as a testament to the power of self-learning in becoming a successful TV presenter, shedding light on the importance of an academy tailored to aspiring presenters looking to refine their skills.

My journey began with Countless hours devoted to watching interviews, analyzing the techniques of seasoned hosts, and practicing in front of the mirror. From perfecting my enunciation to mastering non-verbal cues, every aspect was meticulously examined and refined. I also had the chance and the curiosity to seek within professional people knowledge and advices.

As time progressed, the challenges grew more evident. While my journey was empowering, i observed other new presenters and felt more and more with no denying that an academy for TV presenters is needed to bridge the gap between unguided self-learning and formal education.

An academy for TV presenters could provide a comprehensive curriculum, addressing essential skills such as public speaking, script delivery, body language, and even handling unexpected on-air situations.

While universities provide valuable theoretical knowledge about the media industry, they often fall short in imparting the practical skills essential for aspiring TV presenters.

Mentorship from experienced presenters would offer invaluable insights, feedback, and the chance to learn from real-world experiences. Furthermore, the networking opportunities within an academy would foster a sense of community among aspiring presenters, offering emotional support and collaborative learning.

While my self-taught journey led me to my goals, I recognize the potential benefits of an academy for TV presenters. Such an institution would provide a nurturing environment for growth, ensuring that budding presenters receive the guidance they need while preserving their individuality. The combination of structured learning and personal exploration would undoubtedly accelerate skill development and boost confidence, setting graduates on a path to become successful and impactful TV presenters.

In conclusion, my personal journey of self-learning as a TV presenter highlights the potential for aspiring presenters to thrive without traditional formal education. However, an academy for TV presenters would fill a vital role in equipping individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in this competitive field. By merging the best of both worlds – self-discovery and structured guidance – future TV presenters can shine brightly on the screen while leaving their mark on the world of television.

By addressing the practical needs of aspiring TV presenters, this academy would play a vital role in producing competent and well-rounded media personalities ready to excel in the competitive world of television.

Our values

We are committed to end our session with a complete change in our students and a visible development of their personality 

We set only the highest standards for our work by providing the latest techniques and equipment and the most known tv people in Lebanon

We aim to offer consistency and predictability in offering quality teaching based on the newest methods of training

Absolute honesty, integrity, and fairness are at the core of our Academy

Complete collaboration and cooperation with our clients is a cornerstone of our policy aimed to ensure trust, loyalty, and synergy

Our mission and reason for being is the commitment to serve our community and our media