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Fadi Chahwan

Fadi Chahwan

Professional Trajectory:

Media Trailblazer: Fadi Chahwan’s venerable journey spans over three decades, where he has mastered the art of engaging audiences across various media platforms. His role as a talk show host has seen him command the airwaves, moderating debates that pulse with the socio-political heartbeat of the nation.

Educational Steward: Beyond the studio lights, Fadi’s influence permeates academia, as he imparts wisdom to the next generation at prestigious Lebanese institutions including Lebanese University, Antonine University, and Balamand University. His curriculum extends from media studies to the intricacies of political communication.

Broadcasting Tenure:

  • Al Hurra Channel: Between 2004-2009, Fadi shaped narratives as a lead news anchor, presenting “Word Today” and “Al Alamiya”. His voice provided a backdrop to landmark events like the Annapolis Peace Process Convention and pivotal moments in U.S. politics.
  • MTV Lebanon: Post-2009 marked his return to Lebanese screens, assuming the mantle of Senior News Anchor and steering the editorial helm of “Beirut Al Yawm” and “Oussit Arar”.
  • Sawt Kel Lebnen Radio: From 2012-2015, he explored a blend of societal issues through “Wen Sar”, bringing environmental dialogues to the fore.

Consultancy and Training:

  • A sage to political aspirants and a mentor to media professionals, Fadi’s consultancy spans electoral strategies to the subtleties of public engagement. His training workshops delve into on-air finesse, from newscasting to talk show orchestration.

Advocacy and Engagement:

  • With a staunch stance on gender equality, Fadi has tirelessly collaborated with Fifty Fifty Lb. NGO, empowering women to step into political arenas with conviction and articulate their narratives with prowess.

Global Voice:

  • Fadi’s perspectives resonate internationally, echoed in his participation at conferences across the globe and disseminated through his written contributions in news magazines.


  • The accolades adorning Fadi’s career speak volumes, from being celebrated as the Most Objective and Civilized Presenter to ranking as the Number 1 News Anchor in the Middle East. These are testaments to his integrity and excellence in media.

Fadi Chahwan’s storied career showcases a blend of journalistic excellence, pedagogical dedication, and unwavering advocacy for equitable representation in politics. His multifaceted influence has not only shaped public discourse but has also cultivated a landscape where the media acts as a catalyst for social change.