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Jean Nakhoul

Jean Nakhoul

Quick Facts:

  • Media Expertise: Over a decade of experience spanning news editing, international affairs, and content production.
  • Educational Pursuits: Graduated from NDU, pursued media management in France, and is undertaking an MBA at AUB.
  • International Reporting: Covered significant global events, including multiple French elections, the Papal elections, and more.
  • Awards: Soon to be a recipient of the Murex d’Or in 2022.

Career Highlights:

  1. MTV Lebanon:
    • Began as News Editor, eventually becoming News Executive Producer.
    • Instrumental in covering significant events like the Arab Spring, French elections, and the Revolution of October 2019.
    • First reporter to unveil Carlos Ghosn’s escape, leading to international coverage.
    • Executive Producer of “Sar El Waet”, a top-rated political talk show.
    • Established authority on electoral matters, producing & hosting “Bernemjak” and authoring “الديمقراطية المؤجلة”.
  2. Saro Miyye:
    • A cultural miniseries marking Lebanon’s 100th Anniversary. Widely acclaimed, it beautifully juxtaposes history with entertainment.
  3. International Collaborations:
    • Produced content for renowned channels such as beIN Sports, Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai TV, and contributed to Expo 2020.
  4. Academia:
    • Embarked on a teaching journey, offering a Media and Communications course at Saint Joseph University, Beirut.
  5. Music & Entertainment:
    • Executive producer for Lebanese singer Elissa since 2017.
    • Significant involvement in curating music festivals at both local and regional levels.

Personal Note: M. Nakhoul’s expansive career, from revealing groundbreaking news stories to producing significant cultural content, establishes him as a pivotal figure in Lebanese media and beyond. His adaptability and prowess, whether in news, entertainment, or academia, cements his status as a beacon of excellence in the media world.