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Lara Lahad

Lara Lahad

Teaching Experience: Media Training and Coaching

Area of Expertise: TV Production, Casting, Communications, News Editorial, Music Video and Song Productions, Translation

About Lara Lahad

Lara Lahad is a seasoned media professional with a remarkable career spanning over 25 years at MTV. Her diverse expertise covers an array of functions, including TV production, casting and training, communications, news editorial, music videos and songs productions, and translation.

Currently, Lara serves as the Director of Casting and Media Training and the Head of Communications at MTV Lebanon. She is also a Senior Executive Producer for major TV shows and events.

Achievements & Contributions

Lara has been managing all castings for MTV since the channel’s inception, playing a pivotal role in identifying, screening, and negotiating contracts and rates for the casts. In her role as a media trainer, Lara is entrusted with the training, coaching, and supervision of new presenters and reporters, thereby shaping the new wave of media professionals.

Teaching Philosophy

As an experienced media professional and trainer, Lara values practical, hands-on learning. She strives to impart industry-insider knowledge to her trainees, guiding them in their media careers with a focus on honing their unique voices and presenting styles.