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Majed Bou Hadir

Majed Bou Hadir

Teaching Experience: 18+ years in media, communication, journalism and related fields

Educational Background: Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Lebanese University – Faculty of Law and Political Science, Bachelor’s Degree in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law from Saint Joseph University of Beirut

Area of Expertise: News Anchoring, Public Speaking, Event Management, Media Consulting, Arabic News Reading Techniques, Documentaries Production

About Majed Bou Hadir

Majed Bou Hadir is a seasoned media professional, bringing over 18 years of diverse experience in media, communication, journalism, and related fields. Majed’s broad background includes news anchoring, public speaking, event management, and media consulting.

As a news anchor and an Arabic News Reading Techniques Expert, Majed possesses a deep understanding of the Arabic language and articulates news reports in a formal, engaging manner. Beyond his on-screen endeavors, Majed is also sought-after as a speaker, leading conferences and events on social and corporate themes.

Achievements & Contributions

Throughout his career, Majed has contributed significantly to the media sector in Lebanon. His portfolio includes producing documentaries, leading numerous workshops, training sessions, and engaging in community service and advocacy work. His passion for empowering young people and promoting social causes is evident in his consistent efforts.

Majed’s expertise extends to training in news reading, boasting a strong track record spanning his years of journalism.

Teaching Philosophy

Majed emphasizes the power of effective communication and the crucial role it plays in media and beyond. He fosters an understanding and appreciation of the nuances of the Arabic language and how it’s used in news reporting and public speaking, ensuring his students can deliver messages effectively.