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Maurice Matta

Maurice Matta

Professional Profile:

Maurice Matta has carved a distinguished niche for himself in the realms of financial journalism, media production, and academia. As an incisive Senior TV Host and Executive Producer at MTV Lebanon, he navigates the complexities of finance with eloquent ease, presenting it to the public through his daily financial bulletins. Matta extends his expertise to “IT’S ABOUT TIME (صار الوقت)”, a dynamic political talk show helmed by Marcel Ghanem, where he serves as the go-to financial expert.

Away from television, Matta embraces the digital news frontier with “Ici Eco,” a French-language economic show on ICI Beyrouth, where he unpacks the economic landscape for an online audience. His journalistic prowess was previously honed as Head of the Economy Department at Annahar Newspaper and Media Group, one of Lebanon’s leading publications.

As a university professor, Matta shapes the minds of future industry leaders, while also offering his insights as an advisor. His experience spans across international institutions, where he has moderated and hosted a plethora of forums, conferences, and round tables, becoming a sought-after voice in financial and economic discussions.

Matta’s influence extends into corporate training, where his workshops on mass communication, public speaking, economic media, and geopolitics have been pivotal for numerous employees and executives. His role as a public speaking and presentation skills trainer has equipped many international company teams to communicate with confidence and clarity.

Notable Contributions:

  • MTV Lebanon: Spearheads the Financial daily bulletin and contributes as a financial analyst to “IT’S ABOUT TIME (صار الوقت)”.
  • ICI Beyrouth: Hosts “Ici Eco”, delivering economic insights to a Francophone audience.
  • Annahar Media Group: Formerly led the Economy Department, influencing economic journalism in Lebanon.
  • Academia: Imparts knowledge and provides counsel as a university professor and advisor.
  • International Forums: A regular fixture in significant global economic forums, sharing his expertise with a broad audience.
  • Corporate Training: Has developed and conducted specialized training programs for multiple international corporations.

Maurice Matta’s diverse roles underscore his versatility and impact across television, print media, online platforms, and the academic sphere. His contributions to financial journalism and media production are matched by his dedication to education and professional development, making him an invaluable asset to both the media industry and the academic community.