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Melhem Riashi

Melhem Riashi

Professional Summary

Melhem Riachy is a distinguished writer, journalist, and scholar with a particular expertise in geostrategic communication, public opinion shaping, and strategic negotiation. He is recognized for his advanced skills in the arts of mind packaging, opinion direction, deep conviction shifts, and psychological warfare.

Media and Broadcasting Experience

Riachy has made significant contributions to the broadcasting field as the preparer and presenter of two prominent programs on the ANB station: “Decisive Station” and “The Seventh Day.” His voice extends to the radio waves where he prepares and presents “Public Opinion with Melhem Riachy” through Free Lebanon.

Academic Contributions

An esteemed academic, Riachy imparts knowledge as a professor of “Geo-strategic Communication” and “Sociopolitical Communication” at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, reflecting his deep understanding of the intersection between communication and societal dynamics.

Political Career

His experience extends to the political arena, having served as the Minister of Information, a tenure detailed in his book “Ministry of Information, 16 Months.” Riachy’s commitment to public service is further exemplified by his role as a Deputy in the Lebanese Parliament.

Literary and Research Accomplishments

Riachy is an accomplished author with a portfolio that includes 9 books and several research papers in literature, politics, and comparative religion, showcasing his intellectual versatility and commitment to exploring diverse subjects. His articles have been featured in a variety of printed and digital media outlets, underlining his active engagement with current affairs and cultural discourse.