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Nadine Daher

Nadine Daher

Teaching Experience: Over 30 years

Educational Background: Extensive training in etiquette and image consultancy.

Area of Expertise: Protocol & Diplomacy, Image Consultancy, Etiquette Training

About Nadine Daher

Nadine Daher is a trailblazing etiquette specialist, image consultant, and accomplished author. Her journey into the realm of etiquette began in Switzerland in the mid-’90s, where her approach to teaching has always been customer-centric.

She is the visionary founder of the ETIC (Nadine Daher Training Center for Etiquette and Image Consultancy). At ETIC, she designs programs that aim to enhance the participants’ behavior and personalities, setting a new standard for professional conduct and personal refinement.

In 2011, her unmatched expertise in protocol and diplomacy, image consultancy, and etiquette training across the MENA region inspired her to establish the first-ever training center for etiquette and image consultancy, Etitopia, in Beirut, Lebanon.

Achievements & Contributions

Nadine Daher has a profound impact on the etiquette field, both as an author and a prominent Radio and TV host. Her public reach extends to popular shows like Sabah el Kheir Ya Arab on MBC TV and the weekly “Etiquette” segment on MTV Lebanon’s “Alive” Show.

She is also the author of two pivotal books on etiquette – “Al Etiquette ‘Elem w Layaka” (Etiquette: Science and Courtesy), and “Etiquette: From Childhood to Teenage.”

Teaching Philosophy

Nadine believes in the transformative power of etiquette and image consultancy in shaping individuals’ personalities and behavior. She takes a customer-centric approach to her teaching, aiming to instill a strong understanding of protocol, diplomacy, and professional conduct in her students.