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Rita Sarkis

Rita Sarkis


Rita Sarkis is a versatile professional specializing in style coaching, fashion design, and life and executive coaching. Her expertise shines through her teaching roles, entrepreneurial ventures, and media presence.

Teaching and Credentials

Rita teaches style coaching and fashion design courses, including History of Fashion Design and Contemporary Issues in Fashion Design at Notre Dame University (NDU) in Lebanon. She authored the book “Guide to Style Coaching,” a key resource for aspiring stylists. As an image consultant, she helps clients enhance their appearance and confidence.

Educational Background

Rita holds majors in fashion design, computer and communication engineering, and style coaching. This diverse education supports her holistic approach to coaching and fashion.

Areas of Expertise

  • Style Coaching: Helping individuals find and develop their personal style.
  • Life and Executive Coaching: Guiding clients in personal and professional growth.
  • Fashion Design: Owner of Raffine Brand, merging design skills with coaching.
  • Media Presence in “MTV Alive” show.
  • Well-being Products: Promotes her NAFAS skincare line for a healthy appearance.

Professional Contributions

Rita’s work spans teaching, writing, and creating well-being products. She has contributed to the fashion and well-being industries through her brands, Raffine and NAFAS. Her mission is to help others develop self-esteem and confidence through style.


Rita’s achievements include participation in numerous exhibitions, conferences, and workshops. She is dedicated to empowering individuals through personal growth and fashion, offering life coaching and fashion expertise to elevate both lifestyle and wardrobe.