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Legislative Laws for Media Professionals

Course Overview

Part One: Constitutional Science.

  1. Definition of Constitutional Law.
  2. Constitutional Hierarchy.
  3. The emergence of constitutions and their types.
  4. The most important political and constitutional systems in the world.

Part Two: The Political and Constitutional System in Lebanon.

  1. Landmarks of the political and constitutional system.
  2. The content of the Constitution and its crises.
  3. The principle of the separation of powers.
  4. The preamble of the Constitution.
  5. Shared living.
  6. Expanded administrative decentralization.

Part Three: The Constitutional Authorities.

  1. The legislative authority.
  2. The competencies of the Parliament.
  3. The executive authority.
  4. Powers and responsibilities of the President of the Republic.
  5. The institution of the Council of Ministers.
  6. The judicial authority.
  7. The multiplicity of types of courts.
  8. The Constitutional Council.
  9. Supervision of the constitutionality of laws and the validity of elections.
  10. Procedures of trial before it.

Duration: 2 Hours