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Antoine Sfeir

Antoine Sfeir

Academic and Legal Expertise

Dr. Antoine Z. Sfeir stands as a paragon of legal scholarship and practice, boasting a profound understanding of international law, which he imparts as a lecturer at both the American University of Beirut (AUB) and Saint Joseph University (USJ). His academic prowess is underpinned by a French State Doctorate in International Law from Paris Descartes University and a law degree from Saint Joseph University in Beirut.

Bar Association Affiliations and Legal Practice

As a respected attorney, Dr. Sfeir is affiliated with the Beirut and Paris Bar Associations, extending his legal expertise across continents. His partnerships with law firms in Montreal and Washington D.C. reflect a career that spans both national and international jurisdictions. Notably, he serves as an accredited lawyer before the prestigious International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Advisory Roles and Arbitration

In addition to his legal practice, Dr. Sfeir is an accredited arbitrator known for his work with various institutions, companies, schools, and universities. His capacity as a legal advisor has guided numerous cases and issues to successful resolutions.

Teaching and Publications

Dr. Sfeir’s academic contributions include lecturing on International Banking Law at Saint Joseph University and Constitutional Law at the American University of Beirut. He is also a prolific author, with a portfolio that includes the noteworthy book “Until the Republic Returns” and numerous articles in esteemed publications such as Le Figaro. His insights on the Lebanese constitutional system were recently featured by the Middle East Institute in Washington.

Media Engagements and International Conferences

With hundreds of interviews in international, Arab, and local media, Dr. Sfeir is a familiar voice on legal matters. His extensive lecture circuit encompasses more than fifty international conferences, including esteemed forums at the United Nations, the Arab League, and academic institutions like the Sorbonne and Sciences Po.

Professional Memberships

Dr. Sfeir’s professional engagements are varied, including his tenure as a member of the National UNESCO Commission and his affiliation with the International Association of Constitutional Law and the French Association of International Law. Locally, he contributes to the Legislation Committee at the Beirut Bar Association, showcasing his dedication to the advancement of legal standards and practices.