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Dany Haddad

Dany Haddad

Teaching Experience: Journalism, Electronic Media, Teaching, Media Consultancy

Educational Background: Major in Journalism and History

Area of Expertise: Journalism, Electronic Media, Political Consultancy, Media Training

About Dany Haddad

Dany Haddad is a seasoned journalist and media professional with a diverse career spanning written and electronic media. After majoring in journalism and history, he began his career working for various Lebanese and Arab written media outlets and created the specialized Lebanese magazine, “Al-Matn”.

Achievements & Contributions

His journey in electronic media began as the Editor of the “Lebanon Files” website, a position he held for seven years before moving to Lebanese station MTV as the Editor-in-chief of its website. An educator at heart, Dany has been teaching electronic media at the Antonine University since 2011, marking him as one of the pioneers in this field in Lebanon.

Aside from his role in the media and education sectors, Dany has conducted media training courses for school teachers in collaboration with the United Nations Office in Lebanon and has trained youth parliament elections participants through the Lebanese NGO “Adyan”. His vast experience and skills have also led him to serve as a media advisor to various political figures, offering media training to many Lebanese politicians.

Teaching Philosophy

In his current role at MTV, Dany produces multiple TV programs and hosts “Beirut Today” and the “MTV podcast”. In addition, he writes articles for the website and supervises the station’s social media content, contributing to the station’s digital transformation and success.