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Elie Ahwach

Elie Ahwach

Teaching Experience: Journalism Professor, Public Speaking Mentor

Educational Background: DESS in Journalism from the Lebanese University and Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II), Law degree from Sagesse University

Area of Expertise: Film, Television, Storytelling, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Public Speaking, Content Production

About Elie Ahwach

Elie Ahwach is an experienced Executive Producer, Content Producer, and Anchor with an established career in the broadcast media industry. His diverse skill set spans film, television, storytelling, telecommunications, and entertainment.

Elie began his journey in media at the tender age of 12 with the well-known kids’ show “Noah’s Arch”, broadcasted on the National Lebanese Television for six years. From there, he has worked on some of the most significant Lebanese and Arab TV productions, including Star Academy and Biggest Loser, serving as Executive Producer and Content Supervisor.

Achievements & Contributions

Elie’s career highlights include his work as an Executive Producer, Content Supervisor, and Main Anchor of the Alive show for the past eight years, a daily live morning show broadcasted from 8:30am till 1 pm.

Elie launched his historical and religious documentary series on MTV, “Holy Lebanon,” where he produced, hosted, and wrote many episodes such as The Patriarch Sfeir Documentary, The Lebanese Hermits, the Holy Valley, among others.

Beyond his media work, Elie shares his industry insights and knowledge as a Journalism Professor and Public Speaking Mentor.

Teaching Philosophy

Elie believes in the power of storytelling to convey ideas, inspire change, and connect individuals. He aims to equip his students with the necessary skills to craft compelling narratives, and express themselves effectively in public speaking settings.