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Nakhle Odaime

Nakhle Odaime

Professional Experience: Senior Journalist, News Reporter and Presenter at MTV Lebanon; Educator at Antonine University

Educational Background: Bachelor’s Degree in Political and Administrative Sciences

Area of Expertise: Investigative Journalism, Media Training, Documentaries Production, Educational Field

About Nakhle Odaime

Nakhle Odaime stands as a paragon in the realm of journalism, widely celebrated for his incisive reporting and unwavering commitment to truth. After graduating with a degree in Political and Administrative Sciences, he embarked on a journalistic voyage, swiftly gaining recognition for his captivating reports. Fearlessly venturing into untrodden terrains, Nakhle showcases an unyielding dedication to unveiling the truth and championing the voices of the unheard.

Professional Journey

Nakhle’s first steps in the media landscape were taken as a News Reporter at LBCI TV. However, his fervor and determination soon found him platforms across various esteemed local TV and radio stations. In 2001, he anchored his career at MTV Lebanon, a place that saw him evolve into the Senior Reporter and News Presenter he is today. Simultaneously, his passion for education beckoned, leading him to become a Professor at Antonine University, teaching Media Essentials and Investigative Reports.

Achievements & Contributions

  • Over two decades of distinguished service in the media domain, working with LBCI TV, and currently serving as Senior Reporter and News Presenter at MTV Lebanon.
  • Established himself as a prominent educator, imparting knowledge on Media Essentials and Investigative Reports at Antonine University.
  • Instrumental in numerous workshops, training sessions, and political & social documentaries.
  • Played a pivotal role in the 2014 Multinational Project centered on Investigative Journalism in the United States.

Teaching Philosophy

A fervent advocate for ethical journalism, Nakhle believes in instilling in his students a commitment to truth, integrity, and resilience. He envisages journalism not just as a profession but as a beacon of hope, truth, and justice. In his view, journalists bear the torch that enlightens society, and he inspires the next generation to carry this torch with honor and responsibility.