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Rania Ziadeh Ashkar

Rania Ziadeh Ashkar

Teaching Experience: Numerous years in both media and academic settings

Educational Background: Master’s Degree in School Management, Master’s Degree in French Literature, Saint-Joseph University (USJ), Beirut, LB. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Media and Social Sciences at Saint-Joseph University.

Area of Expertise: Media and Education, French Literature, Special Education

About Rania Ziadeh Ashkar

Rania Ziadeh Ashkar is a multifaceted professional with a diverse background in media and education. Currently, she is the main anchor of MTV Lebanon’s morning show “ALIVE,” where she produces and presents engaging educational and social segments on live media.

Rania holds two master’s degrees, one in School Management and the other in French Literature, from the Saint-Joseph University in Beirut. She is now pursuing her Ph.D. in Media and Social Sciences from the same institution, bringing her depth of understanding of media and its social impact.

Achievements & Contributions

Alongside her prominent media role, Rania has also contributed to academia and special education. She previously taught Media and Education courses at Saint Joseph University’s faculty of management and served as a French Literature Professor.

Rania is also the founder and CEO of an educational center for students with learning difficulties. Here, she focuses on helping students grasp and assimilate academic material at their own pace, with the proper assistance of trained professionals.

She is well-known for leading special episodes and events, particularly fundraising telethons, using her platform to contribute to causes she’s passionate about.

Teaching Philosophy

Rania believes in the power of personalized education, accommodating the unique learning curves and strengths of her students. Whether it’s in media, literature, or special education, she endeavors to provide an inclusive and supportive learning environment that motivates her students to excel.