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Art of the Camera Mastery

Welcome to Art of the Camera Mastery! Dive into the exciting world of television and become a camera pro! This course is designed to help young talents master on-camera communication and handle TV equipment with confidence.

Course Overview

In this practical and interactive course, you’ll learn everything about camera work. From effective on-camera communication to using TV equipment and reading cue cards, you’ll gain the skills needed to shine in front of the camera.

Key Learning Outcomes
  1. Understand TV Equipment: Learn about essential TV equipment and how to use them properly.
  2. Master On-Camera Communication: Discover techniques to communicate effectively on camera.
  3. Read Cue Cards and Prompters: Learn best practices for reading cue cards and prompters smoothly.
  4. Handle On-Air Challenges: Develop strategies to manage and overcome challenges during live broadcasts.

Duration: 4 Hours